Learning "Times Table" - Interactive Multiplication Table

Turn learning multiplication tables into a fun math game with this interactive times table. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can complete the times table and how few incorrect guesses you can make. Your total score is the Seconds Elapsed + 5 extra seconds for each wrong guess. So, you want to try for the lowest score possible--which would mean you completed the chart in the shortest time, with the least number of incorrect guesses. Try the game a few times to improve your scores and become the master of super quick multiplication from memory!


  1. To start the game, press "Start" (or alt-S).
  2. Multiply the number at the top with the number of the left of the cell accepting input (the flashing cursor).
  3. Press tab to move out of the field. (Your answer will be quickly checked by the computer. If you are correct, the number will turn green, otherwise it will turn red.)
  4. If you get an answer wrong, press Shift-Tab to go "backwards" into that cell and try again. (Or simply click on that cell with the mouse.)
  5. Try to fill in all of the empty cells with the correct answer as quickly as you can.
  6. ENJOY! Math is really fun, and super helpful the older you get!!

This site is currently in a draft form. I'm posting it mainly to solicit input at this point. Please report any problems with the game, or any suggestions here. Enjoy!

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